My journey

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                                                                      My journey

     One day I woke up with a strange idea, let's do a bike tour around Croatia. So I did it.


    I was near Zagreb and all of a sudden the sky turned black and the storm started. I had five minutes to put up a tent. The storm lasted for four hours. It was the worst night of my life. As I was leaving my village, I felt some strange sadness but at the same time I wasn't sad at all. I was terrified that I would be all alone, that I wouldn't have anyone to talk to. On the seventh day there was a puncture in my tire so I had to patch it on my own. I was feeling homesick. While I was lying in my tent, I heard some strange noise. I went outside. In the next moment I was standing face to face with a big black bear. I couldn't move. Luckily, he just walked away. The rest of the trip passed smoothly. There were a few other storms but it was ok. The sun was shining most of the time. But one day I saw a wolf chasing me. I just threw a stick and the wolf ran after it. Thanks to the satellite I was in touch with my family. I had a satellite phone and two HF radios. My mum was hardly coping with the fact that I was all alone. Luckily, my trip was coming to an end. My money and food was running low and most of my equipment was dead. I saw a few cars coming to me. My journey was over. I was happy because I was finally at home. It was very educational.


                                                                                                                                                written by S.S.

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