My contribution to the world

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                               My contribution to the world

   Hey! My name is C.S. and I will tell you a little bit about my life and how I got the idea to make the first helicopter ever.

   I was born in Kiev on 25th of May in 1889. When I was 11 my father went to Germany and he got me interested in natural sciences. I started to make a lot of models and when I was twelve I had a model for an aircraft that was driven by tire tightening. In 1908 I went to Germany with my father and I found out about achievements of brothers Wright and about the airplane of count Zeppelin. Then I decided I would change my life and work within 24 hours. I would study aeronautics. In 1909 because of my sister's financial support, I went back to study aeronautics and to buy pieces for an airplane in Paris. Paris was headquarters of aviation so I used it for talks with aviation pioneers. In May I went back to Russia where I started to make my first airplane ever. I started testing in July. In October I was putting it apart because I realized it won't fly. After my airplane S-5 which also failed, I made the S-6 which won the aviation exhibition of the Russian army. In 1912 I became the chief engineer in the aerospace department of The Russian Baltic Railway Institute. My airplanes were used by Russians as a bomber in WWI. In 1919 I emigrated to New York where I established my aviation corporation and made my first helicopter VS-300. My next success was R-4 which became the first mass-produced helicopter. My aviation corporation in Stratford is still working today. It is one of the leading companies that make world's helicopters. And that is my life in a nutshell.

                                      written by C.S.

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