My contribution to the world of art

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                       My contribution to the world of art

 I am Angelina DeMartino and I was born on September 15th, 1886 in Caen, France. It is a small cute town in the north of France.

  I'm in a family of four, me, my parents and my brother. Since I was a kid, I was known for my imagination, drawings and for how much pencils I had. My mom would always joke about me having more pencils than an elementary school. I had a huge garden so I would always go there, sit on our swing and draw. In 1891 my parents divorced. Now I know, it was just the unhapiness in the marriage. I moved in with my mom to a town called Auxerre, and there my journey started.

  When I got into the 7th grade, I studied chemistry and I really liked it. I have always talked about how boring the art material was, literally, there were some pencils, maybe ink or people would get colour from different stuff like fruit in their own ways. Since I was a kid, I always imagined standing on a stage with a microphone, talking about my invention that was so-called acrylic paint. For me, at least in my head, it was a creamy-textured paint.

  When I finished elementary school, I went to a grammar school where I studied English and Spanish. I spent four years there until I decided that I would go to the university called Le Havre and I liked it. In my school years I caught the attention of  professor called Augustin Käpritz. He offered me tutorials which I accepted and not so soon after that I was teaching students at the university. We decided that we will cooperate, so in 1906 we started working in a lab.

  I met a guy called Lewis Hefner and we became instant friends. I told Augustin my idea for the acrylic paint and he loved it. Everyone knew my passion for art so all of us decided to start working on it. Lewis and me, in the middle of the process, fell in love but kept it a secret. Two years later we decided to tell Augustin about our relationship and he was very happy. We were working on the paint for six years which was long but it was worth it because my wish came true. Finally in 1912, I was standing on a stage with my team, my husband Lewis and our child, with a lot of people watching, presenting the new invention, the acrylic paint.

                                   written by N.S.

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