In sync with my parents

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                 In sync with my parents

My parents are great but sometimes they can be strict.

    Especially my mom... She thinks that she is the smartest and the most important human being in the world. She doesn't like my clothes, my hair, my friends... The other day she told me:''This T-shirt is so terrible!'' or ''Your hair is so bad, you look like Donald Trump.'' When she needs to buy something, she always tells me to go to the shop because I'm the smartest one. But yesterday she told me that my sister is smarter than me. I don't get it. There are also some positive things about me and her. She is good at cooking. I love her food and we can talk about any movie on TV or a song. And my dad... He is really awesome. He doesn't complain about my look and he believes me, sometimes. When I go out with my friends, he gives me some money and tells me to have fun and then he calls me like every single minute. He is very protective and he is always there. There is one thing I hate, he doesn't know any name of my friends. My mom knows everyone but he no... He is always worrried about my grades. He and my mom say that I'm smart and that I'll be a doctor when I grow up.They are both protective and they care about my future. I know they are sometimes strict but I love them.

                       written by L.L.






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