The Amazon Jungle

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                                                                          The Amazon Jungle


     When I came to the airport, I started crying. There were my whole family who wished me good luck.

   Then my mum and sisters started crying, too. We said goodbye and I got on the plane. I found a place to sit and then the plane took off. During the flight I was thinking about my family, friends and I asked myself a lot of questions. I was going to Brazil, to the Amazon jungle. The flight lasted for twenty hours. During my adventure I wanted to challenge myself and see how smart I could be in lots of situations. My goal was to go through the large part of the Amazon and challlenge myself. I came to the Amazon jungle early in the morning. The sun went out and visibility was good. I took some dry food like almonds and nuts because I needed a lot of energy. I also bought a big knife in Brazil because it was important to survive there. So when I was sure that I had everything I needed I could go into survival. I entered the jungle. There was a lot of vegetation and I could hardly break through it. There were a lot of mosquitos and I didn't have any peace. The night was falling  and I needed to find a place to sleep. Soon, I found the place and I lit the fire. I caught some animals by day and I put them on fire and ate them. Then I made an improvised bed and went to sleep. I didn't sleep well. I was terrified by the screams of animals I heard at night. I missed my family. I was crying again because I remembered my family. I didn't see them for twenty days. A month passed by and I finally went home. I have proved that with my knowledge and persistence I can survive a lot of hard challenges. 

                                                                                                               written by D.L.

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