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    Me and my friends Karla and Lucija were on the plane. We were on our way to Florida.

  My friends know about my love for alligators and crocodiles. I studied a lot about them and I decided it was time to go and explore all the places in the world where you can find them. I asked Karla and Lucija if they wanted to come with me. Lucija didn't even know where we were going but she agreed, anyways. Karla loves to travel so she joined us, too. I wanted to see alligators first so we went to Florida and Mississippi. We finally arrived in the south of Florida where Everglades Park is. We already had an organised tour around swamps. After getting lost a few times we finally arrived at the place where we started our tour. We got in an airboat with other tourists. After a few minutes which seemed like years, we spotted an alligator. And me being me, I just wanted to jump into the swamp with it. They scolded us a few times because of Lucija. She kept blabbering about how she didin't know that we were going to watch ''crocodiles'' and that those people were crazy. After we finished our tour we went to Alligator Farm. They let us hold small alligators. Karla thought it was going to bite her so they needed to put a tape around its jaw. They showed us some tricks with alligators. For example, spreading their jaws and putting their heads between them. I wanted to try it but Karla nad Lucija said that I was crazy.

  A few days later we went to Africa to see the Nile crocodiles. The Nile crocodiles are really big but the biggest ones are sea crocodiles that live in Australia. We couldn't stay long in Africa because there were a lot of dangerous places and creatures around the Nile so we went to Australia where you can dive with the large sea crocodiles. That is actually the only place in the world where you can dive with crocodiles. It's so called the Crocosaurus Cave or the Cage of Death. Having six meters long crocodiles around you someone would find terrifying but for me it's been the best experience ever.  I would lie if I said I wasn't scared because I was. I got scared when I saw their size and perfectly sharp teeth.

  We stayed in Australia for a few days to explore a little and then we went to Asia. We visited Korea, Thailand, Malaysa etc and finished our trip in China. We went to see the Chinese alligators. They are also called the Yangtze alligators. They are smaller than the American ones but they are still dangerous. We stayed for a week in China to explore the country and their culture. After a week we went home. This has been the best experience ever and I hope we can repeat it.


                                                                                                                           written by C.Š.

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