An Awful Journey

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An Awful Journey

I will tell you a story that happened on December 7 in 2017. One day me and my best friend Karla went on a journey to Hawaii.

       We were travelling by plane for about 2-3 hours. During the trip an awful thing happened to us. The plane had strong turbulencies so we panicked. We were very upset because the plane turbulencies lasted for ten minutes and after some time the plane crashed into the ocean. We were fortunate that the plane didn't explode. I was fine but Karla wasn't, she fainted.  I began screaming but everybody else was dead. I started crying. I was soaking wet and shaking with fear. It lasted for an hour. Karla woke up, she started bleeding. I broke my right leg, Karla broke her arm. We came to a part of the plane which was full of water. We changed our clothes and took dry clothes. We saw a bottle of water and some food on a closet. We didn't eat and drink because we left that for later. We had a backpack, we put everything we had in it but it wasn't enough. The ocean was deep about 500 metres and unfortunately, there was no coast or a big rock. However, we didn't give up, we decided to move on. We were swimming for an hour and ten minutes. Then we saw something, we thought that was a big rock but it was a giant whale. We got very upset so we didn't move. It disappeared after a while. It didn't return. We saw a big large rock of about five meters. We were happy. We climbed and rested for a while because we were tired of swimming. Then we ate and drank what was in our backpack. Suddenly, we heard some noise. It was a ship. We started screaming as loud as we could. They heard us. It was ten o'clock in the evening when we were saved and survived that nightmare. I will never forget that awful day. We almost died. They took us to to the hospital. Two months later Karla and I travelled again by plane. Of course, we were scared to go for the second time by plane after that day but we didn't give up.


                                                                                                                                                               written by J.Š.

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