My typical day

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                                                 My typical day


My mum usually wakes me up but since she's been working, I set the alarm.

Every time I wake up before the alarm and that means I have time to lie in my bed a little bit longer. When it's time to get up, I crawl out of my bed. Before I wash my face and brush my hair, I look like a sad creature. That's why it is important to be new and fresh in the morning. I make my breakfast, drink cocoa and I'm ready for school. I sometimes forget to put on my glasses. I don't have very good memory.It is always the same old story at school... I go to classes and slowly die on the inside. When school is over, I feel like Jesus came to my house. When I'm finally at home, I lay on my couch and take my mobile phone. After some time I do my homework and study not so hard because I'm lazy. When I say after some time, I mean a lot of time, that means I study late. In the evening I stay up till 10 pm. Then I go to my bed and in the morning everything repeats.   

                                                                                                         written by ArR

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