Stranger danger

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                                                                                              Stranger danger


It is late night, you are at the party. The party is over so you wait next to the road under a lamp. Nobody can pick you up but it doesn't matter. Somebody will eventually stop the car and drive you back home.

 After some time a car stops. A bald man in the car asks: ''Do you need a ride?'' You accept his offer and enter the car. There is a woman smoking in the back seat. She has a red lipstick and a dress. You sit next to the driver (the bald man) and he starts driving. You ask him to turn on the radio but he says it doesn't work.So it's silence. The smoke from a woman's cigarette starts to annoy your nose. You open the window. When you look back, the man looks at you but not for very long time. The woman in the backseat smiles at you, but disturbingly. The radio turns on. ''Oh, finally'', says the man. But it doesn't last long. After five minutes the radio turns off. You close the window because it gets cold.

When you turn your head, both of them look at you. Now you are creeped out. The man slowly takes something out of his pocket! In that second you get scared and jump out of the car. But it's only some chocolate he wants to offer to you. So it looks like you will have to go home on foot after all.


                                                                                                                                                 written by ArR

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