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                       THE FINAL CHAPTER

   In an instance the spider caught Sarah, the clown and the puppet rushed through the door. The spider dropped Sarah being distracted by them. Sarah ran as fast as possible until she finally came to the exit door. As she moved the rusty door, a ray of light peeked through it. Sarah opened the door and there was a field in front of her. The field wasn't weird and scary, it was a field on the sunlight.

        She stepped outside and her mother was standing at the end of the field. She was calling her name. Sarah ran over the field and hugged her mom, a light went over her eyes. ''Mom?'', she whispered. Her mom hugged her in tears. Now she realized she was in a hospital and she remembered everything! They were driving to the circus when the car crashed. ''I was so worried. You have been in a coma for two weeks.'' Sarah was so happy, shi didn't say anything.


                THE END


                  written by ArR

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