Summer plans

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                                          My plans for summer


             I've been waiting for summer for a year. Finally, holidays are here. I have a hundred plans and things to do.

            The first thing I'll do is to come home with my marks and then I'll jump in our beautiful blue sea. Swimming and diving in the sea is the best way to relax. Hopefully, there will be a lot of fish to catch. Last summer my father and me caught a lot of fish. Every day between seven and nine pm I will play football with my friends. After football we will go for a drink at night. I will also visit my grandpa and grandma for two days. They have a very big tree in their garden. I've been planning to build a small tree house there. It will be only my tree house where I can read comics and that kind of stuff.

            I think that's enough for one summer.


                                                                                 written by D.L.

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