My plans for summer

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                                             My plans for summer


         My summer holidays start right after school. I have many plans and what to do and where to go so I just can't wait until summer.

        I really love summer especially because my birthday is in July so I am going to celebrate it with my friends and I hope we will have fun. I will go to the beach every day and enjoy it. In August I'm going to the island of Hvar and Dubrovnik with my family. We will stay there for a week. We are going to visit our cousins. First of all they will show us all the beaches, parks, monuments... Also they will take us to one-day trip to the Blue Cave which is really famous. After Hvar we are going to visit Dubrovnik. First of all we will go to Stradun and the city walls. We will stay there for three days. My sister and I have already written some notes on what to see in Dubrovnik. 

      I'm very excited about my vacation and spending time with my family and friends. I know I will enjoy every day so I can't wait for summer holidays to start.


                                                                       written by P.F.

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