My parents and me

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                                       In sync with my parents


             Being in sync with your parents is very important. It takes trust, love, understanding and patience, especially for teens in puberty who most of the time see their parents as their enemies.

             I think parents shouldn't be too strict. Everyone I know whose parents are too strict ends up hating them and hiding things from them. But then again if parents are too permissive, their kids don't take them seriously and they don't see them as someone who they need to listen to. Being a parent is really hard and children should appreciate it. On the other hand kids shouldn't be too demanding. These days they are too lazy. They need to understand how much their parents love them and all what they would do for them.

          My relationship with my parents is great. Sure we have some arguments here and there but all in all it's me.


                                                                                      written by L.L.

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