Past Continuous - exercises

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Fill in the blanks with Past Continuous

  • Yesterday at six I (prepare) _________________ dinner.
  • The kids (play) ______ in the garden when it suddenly began to rain.
  • I (practise) ____________the guitar when he came home.
  • We (not / cycle) ___________________ all day.
  • While Aaron (work) __________ in his room, his friends (swim) ____________ in the pool.
  • I tried to tell them the truth but they__________ (listen / not) .
  • What (you / do) _____________ yesterday?
  • Most of the time we (sit) ________ in the park.


Fill in the blanks with Past Continuous


He ____________________________all day yesterday. (rest)

 We ___________________ through the window when mother came in. (look)

 They ______________________________ a newspaper when I entered. (read)

 I______________________________ to her but she. didn't hear me. (speak)

I didn't go for a walk because it __________________________. (rain)

When you telephoned I ________________________ my room. (sweep)

They _____________________________ with John's wife when I came in. (talk)

While we ___________________________ we heard a shot. (play)

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