All about me

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All about me

(This is me)


     My name  is Mike. I am 13 years old. I live in London. I have got a big family. Mum, dad, two brothers and two sisters.

     Let me say something more about myself. I have got blue eyes and brown hair. I am not very tall but I am thin. I like to wear sports clothes.

I am in the 7th grade. My hobbies are swimming and computer games. Sometimes I play football and basketball with my friends. I am also crazy about music. Rock music is the best music in the world. When I listen to rock I step into my world of fantasy. You could say that I am addicted to rock. I would like to be a singer one day. My sister says that I am crazy and that I don't know how to sing. She is so boring. She always messes with my cds and I never have privacy in my own room.

     My parents are the best. Mum is an English teacher and my dad is a journalist. They work a lot but they are always here when I need them. My mum helps me with school and my dad with my essays, because he knows how to write.

My brothers and sisters are a different story. They are younger than me and they drive me crazy.

    I am in the 7th grade and my school is called Lake Lane Primary school. It is a big school. There are 800 pupils. I like my school. It is new and modern. My favorite subjects are PE, Maths and Music, of course. School starts at 8 am and ends at 4 pm. It is a day school. I can’t imagine going to a boarding school. Our teachers are good. My favorite teacher is my Music teacher, Mr Jones. He is kind and fair, sometimes a bit strict. I don’ like History. Our teacher is very strict. He says that I am superficial and that I don’t work enough. That is not true. I simply don’t like History. I am not a clock watcher but I always daydream when I have History lessons. I can’t help it.

     All my friends are in my class. My best friend is Luke. We hang out together after school and on weekends. We play football or basketball and computer games. He is great. We always help each other with homework.

    Well, that is all about me. In the end I can say that I am just an average boy. I like everything that teenagers like, hang out, listen to music, play football and play computer games. Music is the thing I like the most. I hope that one day music will be my life.


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