My dog

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                           My dog


    I have got a dog. His name is Rex. He is a pug. It is a Chinese race dog.

    He is three years old. Rex is very clever and he knows two tricks, how to sit and how to lie. When I got him, he was only two months old. Then he was small as a toy. He loves eating joghurt, going out for a walk and playing with a ball. Rex is good with people but he is very aggressive with dogs. He lives with us in our house. His body is brown and his snout and ears are black. He is plump like a little pig. Rex sleeps on a sofa although he knows he cannot. My dad doesn't like it and he sometimes hits Rex. The only thing he is afraid of is a vacuum cleaner. He has a lot of toys. Although he is plump, he can run very fast. He is very handy. I feed him twice a day and I take him for a walk three times a day. Rex is crazy about doggie cookies and Gauda cheese.

   He is always with me and he always makes my day. He is my best friend.

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