My passion for the drums

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                               My passion for the drums

   When I was a kid, I was very playful. I liked to play with a lot of toys. My mum told me that I liked to play a lot of instruments. The drums were my favourite. 

   My mum used to give me dishes and I pretended they were the instruments. I was feeling very good. That wasn't very good for my family because I was making a lot of noise. I liked to watch and listen to anyone playing the drums. I would sometimes go to my grandparents and play for them. I was ridiculous to them. My older brother would join me. He played the plastic guitar. We were like a band. My younger sister was a singer. She liked to sing and dance. My mum and dad were filming all of that. They showed that to us when we were older. We all laughed. I have never got the real drums so I don't know what it is like to play them.

   I am now thirteen years old and my passion for the drums is weaker. Now I like to play video games because I've learned a lot of English words while playing those games. I am growing up and my wishes are changing. I still don't know what I will be when I grow up. I hope that will be something I will be satisfied with.

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