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Primary School Stjepan Radic Bibinje has been operating continuously for 137 years. Today, there are 414 students in 20 class departments. Since the school year 2009/10 we have a special programme for the gifted students through which we offer 3rd and 4th graders workshops in various subjects: Croatian, English and German, Maths, Physics, Biology, Modelling. As we know, gifted children are those from whom we can expect high achievements because of their abilities. They are talented children who have natural dispositions that should be further developed in different types of abilities through education. It should be emphasized, however, that an innate disposition for achieving excellence in a given area is necessary but is not sufficient enough to achieve the aboveaverage student, i.e. it is necessary to know the difference between the potential and the accomplished gift.

Our main goal is to achieve the accomplished giftedness of our students, which implies systematic development of skills, excellent mastery of skills and knowledge and exceptional performance or products in one area. In addition, develop some of the key competencies in the students, such as creativity, flexibility, originality, self-confidence, and non-conformism as well as give students more educational options: work on programs of varying complexity, extracurricular activities, access to sources of specific knowledge, more project teaching, etc. The aim is to insure better work quality and teacher activities for the wellbeing of our students. Hence, our teachers should work with students to develop entrepreneurship, self-confidence, imagination and creativity, as well as social and civic competence, cultural awareness and expression, and develop fundamental and transversal skills such as digital competences and multilingualism in all student centred fields. Also, the aim is to improve language proficiency in order to achieve better recognition of our school at European level and to achieve international contacts for further projects which will offer our students more opportunities for learning.



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